The Wonderful “MYSTERY” of Acupuncture

lililillilllAs an acupuncturist, there is nothing more rewarding than that light bulb moment when the patient comprehends acupuncture and its practice as at once as worthy and often as more effective as the pills and potions that the years have seen them tirelessly popping. That’s not to totally devalue western medicine, but to advocate the notion that both can work, simultaneously or alone. This is the remedy however, which offers a natural relief from those medicines we often nervously put into our bodies and one that helps cure a multitude of problems, from physical pain to mental illness. It can help to wind back the years through ageing solution treatments and to increase chances of fertility naturally.

Its no surprise that acupuncture has ground roots in Buddhist philosophy and meditation; the benefits leave you feeling rejuvinated, both by the results and with your own new founded open-mindedness. A fresh look at this may prove to be that shift of perspective which so many of us in the West seem to be searching for. But if you don’t believe in the connection of the mind body, its proven physical results may sway you too.

It works by inserting fine (painless) needles into the skin in order to stimulate the nerves for relevant purposes following diagnosis. Simple but very effective. Acupuncture is no longer considered part of the “mystery” attached to our perception of oriental China, but to most new advocates is now the treatment which “mysteriously” works. With an ability to look past the status quo of medicine, you too could benefit from streamlining the current with the ancient and indeed the wonders of acupuncture.